Are you “Tongue-Tied”?

Tongue tied is defined by Webster’s  as “to shy or embarrassed to speak and the malformation preventing the movement of the tongue”.  My question to you is, are you tongue tied?  Do you have the boldness and confidence to speak life boldly in the face of opposition?

Do you have a malformation preventing the movement of your tongue?   I remember when I was a child my younger  brother was tongue-tied.  He was taken to the doctor to have his tongue clipped for better movement.  He was 3 or 4 years old, my mom told me that the  nurse, my dad and  her tried to hold him down so the doctor  would be able to clip his tongue.  My brother fought  and fought and fought them so much they had to give up.  His tongue was never clipped.

I will ask you again are you tongue-tied?  I you fighting to prevent the movement of your tongue.  Look at the definition again, the MOVEMENT of your tongue.  You have been given the power to move things with your tongue by the Words you speak.  Are you tongue-tied?  Do you have a malformation of movement in  your tongue?  Does your tongue need to be clipped?   Are you going to fight the change?

If you are ready for change start today and declaring a path of movement in your life. by Speaking Life Now!

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