Who is watering your seed?

Your children is YOUR seed, my question to you, Who is watering your seed?  Let me share a brief analogy and testimony.  I grew up in a rural area in Virginia.  My Daddy had a very big garden with a mixture of greens, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, cabbage, peas, etc…  He had the seeds planted in a row, each row was labeled.  He had a specific time and day to water the different vegetables to yield the maximum harvest of what was pictured on the label.  I remember my brother and I following specific instructions and if we decided to do something different my dad would ensure that we get back on track.  He assigned each of us to water the seed but with specific guidelines.  He knew who was watering his seed.  You see the harvest would be our food for the winter months.

It was about four years ago,  the Holy Spirit spoke to me about my son.  At that time we were not communicating that well and i was directed to make declarations concerning my son.  He told me to water my seed.  In order for my seed to reach it’s full potential I had a part to play in it.  I decided to speak life over him and every area of his life.  We are now closer than ever and communicates with each other every day.  I want to encourage you to speak life over you children and grandchildren daily.  Remember, even if the seem to be going through a drought, this is the perfect time to pour on more water and more frequently.

Who is watering your seed, is it you?

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